Privacy policy

Trustee Privacy Notice

The Trustee of the Wincanton plc Pension Scheme takes care to protect the privacy of pension scheme members. Set out below is an explanation of why the Trustee processes information about pension scheme members and who it shares information with.

Use of personal information
The Trustee uses your personal information to (amongst other reasons) communicate with you, record and pay benefits to you or your beneficiaries, administer the Scheme, and meet regulatory or other legal obligations.

Sharing your personal information
Your personal information is shared with third parties such as Wincanton plc, the administrator and other suppliers who provide services to the Trustee, such as IT, communications or member tracing. When making these disclosures or transfers, we take steps to protect your personal information.

Privacy Notice
For more detailed information on how we use and disclose your personal information, the protections we apply, the legal basis for our use of your information and your data protection rights under the GDPR, please refer to the Trustee’s Privacy Notice, which is available via the link below:

Download Trustee Privacy Notice

Capita’s Privacy Notice

As Pension Scheme Administrators, Capita is committed to ensuring that your privacy is protected. Care is taken to protect the privacy of users of the Wincanton plc Pension Scheme website. Information is collected and stored during normal usage of the website by you. This is used to monitor and analyse how parts of the website are used. Such usage does not result in any personal information being collected or stored.

Please note: A separate privacy and cookie policy can be found on the Hartlink Online website, via the link below (this is where you can login or register to your online pension account):

This Privacy Notice explains how Capita use information about you (and the procedures that Capita has in place to safeguard your privacy):

  • which the Trustee, Wincanton group and other third parties have provided to Capita, and
  • any additional information you provide via the website

This Privacy Policy is supplemental to Capita’s Website Terms and the Trustee's Privacy Notice, and which, by continuing to access you are deemed to accept and agree to be bound by.

Download Capita’s Privacy Notice